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Let's Get Acquainted

I have been an entrepreneur since I started selling jewelry made out of Play-Do when I was five. I have since started more than a dozen companies and helped countless other entrepreneurs and acquaintances start their own businesses. I have also been fortunate enough to work for some very large companies and participate in the process of taking a company public. If you want details regarding some of the ground I have covered, you can check out my LinkedIn profile

I recently left a big job with a big company and realized if you are going to live a rich life, you need a plan. If you spent the last twenty years building someone else's business, I hope you were well compensated. The sad truth is that once your employment stops, typically so does your income. Suppose instead you had worked for twenty years building multiple streams of income. What if you could earn money doing what you liked? What if you could create several businesses that required very little work, on your part, and provided you with earnings around the clock?

It's taken me a lifetime to realize what I want. A rich life isn't about accumulating a pile of money you could never spend. It boils down to being able to do what you want, when you want, and living a complete and fulfilling life with family and friends.

We have a saying for this state of fulfillment: "This doesn't suck."

Over the next few months, I will start laying out my rich life plan and sharing the steps of that journey.

This blog comes from my experiences. I am the divorced father of two great and successful children.  I have instilled in them a sense of wonder about the world and take them to the far corners of the world searching for adventure whenever possible. I enjoy cooking, playing soccer, and traveling and I have made money in more ways than most sane people would care to try.

If you have made it this far,  I'd like to invite you to join our community. Let's build your rich life plan.


John Verdi

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