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6-month review

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

I started this blog 6-months ago as a way for people to follow my journey as I separated the things I was doing in my life to satisfy expectations, my job, and those around me from the things that make me truly happy. I've shared my love of cooking and travel. I've discussed some of the components needed to start your own business and even some investment tools and side hustles for making money outside of your 9-5 job. The rich life plan is my blueprint for moving forward and focusing on those things that will allow me to live my best life.

As we all know, the world we entered in 2020 is not the same world that lies in front of us now. We have all realized the importance of family and friends and how the commodities of time and health should be front and center when we evaluate our priorities. The pandemic has affected every facet of our lives and cast doubt on what the future holds. Make no mistake. We live in a time of unparalleled opportunity. Our kids can create a business based on their niche interests on any growing number of social media platforms and make a comfortable living. The traditional mindset of going to work every morning has been turned on its head.

What do you want?

My goals and the inventory of ideas I generated over the last 6-months will guide my next 6-months. Here is what I have learned, some of which I've shared with you:

  1. I have written two children's books. Initially, I wanted to guide people on publishing a book and the many resources available today for becoming an author. This process has generated ideas for many more books in several different categories, and writing books is now a viable career alternative for me.

  2. The importance of friends and family has helped me define my post pandemic social agenda. I can cook. I have spent much of this pandemic honing my culinary skills. I won't claim to be a chef, but I have many restaurant-worthy dishes I plan to make for friends and family.

  3. I have defined my financial goals and have created systems that reduce my risk while providing a return that will sustain my quality of life. I have shared blogs regarding some of the techniques I've used.

  4. I've assisted both of my children in establishing their own businesses.

  5. I am currently putting together the final pieces needed to launch a non-profit that will support conservation efforts worldwide to protect the wildlife and places that I like to travel to and photograph.

  6. Regarding number 5, I have created a social media presence on Instagram by reaching out to world-class photographers worldwide and sharing their images with educational messages about the area or wildlife they photograph under @savetheseplaces and @saveourwildplaces.

  7. I continue to learn and evaluate new ideas. Some of these ideas I will share with you. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of many technologies I use to evaluate business opportunities and create leverage. I will cover topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrency in the coming six months.

  8. And, with a little luck, I'll share some travel stories and recipes from my next trip.

I will tell you that this journey has not always been easy, and forging your own path can be lonely at times. There will be haters who only see the downside as you build your rich life plan. You will also doubt yourself. Don't give up. Surround yourself with friends who support and motivate you. Keep a list of your wins to motivate yourself, and remember to have fun. Let me know if you have any questions or would like me to cover any details on a topic I've mentioned. Thanks for sharing the ride.


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