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My second book "Fuzzy Bunny Slippers" is now available on Amazon

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

My second book is available on Amazon and is the perfect Easter basket gift. I've also attached some links to the slippers that inspired the book "Fuzzy Bunny Slippers."

"Fuzzy Bunny Slippers, Beautiful Illustrations by the very talented Kat Spencer and rhyming text tell the story of a simple misunderstanding.

Enjoy the heartwarming story of a small girl and a group of bunnies working to solve a problem created from a simple misunderstanding. A child's love for bunnies ultimately wins the day.

Great for Easter baskets or holiday gifts, this book is the perfect way to share the wonders of childhood and how simple misunderstandings can affect the way we see things."

Let me know your thoughts. The book is free to read on Kindle Unlimited or can be purchased and if you really want the full experience, here are some links to purchase your own fuzzy bunny slippers.


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