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When a Sneeze was a Sneeze - Available on Amazon

A funny thing happened as I was blogging about how to publish a children's book, it worked. After learning the ropes on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform I actually published my first book.

My first book cover - When a Sneeze was a Sneeze

I initially thought that I would post a blog about getting your book published on Kindle and give you step-by-step instructions on the process. The funny thing is that once you follow the steps your book is live and selling.

I promise to go back and complete the previously discussed blog but for now, I would like to introduce my first book, "When A Sneeze Was A Sneeze."

"When A Sneeze Was A Sneeze, illustrated by the very talented Kat Spencer, is a simple book designed to explain why everyone is wearing a mask and how to adjust to life with social distancing. In these uncertain times, it lets children know that they are not alone and that doctors are working hard on a vaccine and a cure.

This is a wonderful book to help start the conversation about viruses, the pandemic, and what children must do to protect themselves, their friends, and their family. It also provides hope and reassurance that this will pass, and everything will return to normal."

Let me know your thoughts. The book is free to read on Kindle Unlimited or can be purchased.


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